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night cream

night cream

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a deeply nourishing and calming night cream that melts into your skin. suitable for sensitive skin. the high quality oils moisturises and balances the skin. contains important fatty acids like a- and e-vitamins and skin protecting antioxidants. fragrance free. one of our favourite things with this night cream is the sulpac biodegradable package.

30ml and last super long!

inci: butyrosperum parkii butter (shea/nilotica)*, argania spinosa kernel oil*, mangifera indica seed butter, simmondsia chinesis oil*, simmondsia chinensis seed oil & hydrogenated vegetable oil, tocopherol helianthus annuus seed oil*.

*eco-friendly (luomu)

user manual: take a small amount of the cream (about the size of a pea). the product's consistence resembles butter and will melt by the temperature of your hand. apply to face in gentle movements. apply the cream evenly to the face and let it melt into the skin by giving yourself a mini face yoga (look up pia korpia on instagram, she's amazing). to summarise, to get the product to really sink in deep and plump up your skin. think up, back and around.

producer: luoto cosmetics

how to recycle:
package → compost

product → compost

zero waste

natural ingredients

recyclable packaging

made in finland