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eye cream

eye cream

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eye cream made of natures own super ingredients for gentle care. Blueberry-seed oil calms the sensitive skin around the eye. omega3, e-vitamin and argan oil plumps up the skin to reduce fine lines.

19 ml

inci: butyrospermum parkii (shea)*, vaccinium corymbosum (blueberry) seed oil, argania spinosa (argan) oil, tocopheryl acetate (E-vitamin)

*eco-friendly (luomu)

user manual: take the product and gently rub your finger in it to warm up the product. the product's consistency resembles that of butter and will soften as you work the product. tap your fingers gently around the eyes. as with normal eye creams, keep the product at least around 1cm from the actual eye (i know! news for us as well) to get the cream to the right places. with this product less is more and to get the best result and save the nature, use just a really small amount to get the best effect.

producer fiini naturally

how to recycle:
package → metal

product → compost

zero waste

natural ingredients

recyclable packaging

made in finland