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dry shampoo

dry shampoo

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saving your day without aerosols! this dry shampoo is biodegradable and easy to use. the product incorporates violets and nettle for their calming and cleansing properties, giving the product a lovely fragrance while being suitable for sensitive scalps.

80 g

inci: zea mays (corn) starch*, maranta arundinaca root (arrowroot) powder*, oryza sativa starch (maiz starch), viola tricolour (styvmorsviol), urtica dioica leaf (nettle), parfum.

* eco-friendly (luomu)

user manual: pour a small amount on the hair parts (not the scalp) you want to freshen up. wait 10-20 seconds and massage it out. wait for a few minutes before brushing through.

be careful when opening the lid! some product may fall out.

producer: gröna gredelina

how to recycle:
package exterior → cardboard

package interior (the small round part that looks like paper inside the cap) → paper/plastic

product → compost

low-waste (obs! the manufacturer has, in some of the dry shampoos replaced a small round paper-part used for shipping to a small plastic-part)

made in sweden