about us

hello, we're stina and matilda.

we started arki | helsinki in february 2020 because we were missing a low-waste and sustainable lifestyle provider for our everyday products. we found that it was difficult to find information on which products are actually good for the environment, why and how to use them. we wanted to get the best products without having to try product after product and still not find the perfect fit.

we met back in 2011 when we started studying together, but our journey didn't begin until 2019. in 2019 we were both working for the same company, but in different business units, mening we had little to do with one another. we weren't even situated in the same building.

come fall of 2019 when we started working on our company's sustainability strategy and we noticed our values match, and we work very well together. matilda is organised and thorough, while stina is driving and number focused. in february of 2020 on a particularly regular day, we had coffe together and an idea started to grow, and so the story of arki | helsinki was born.

our values

our mission is to make having a low-waste lifestyle easy

we refuse to compromise on our way of living, so we have researched and tested a wide range of sustainable products that enables us to do just that. live sustainably without compromises. arki | helsinki is a collection of in our experience and opinion the best products on the market.

our vision is to reduce waste in all households, starting with finland.

we want to see living sustainable, and making sustainable choices being easy and the normal thing to do. we want it to ba as easy to make the sustainable choice, as it is to make the non-sustainable one today

our values are information, accessibility and a sustainable lifestyle

this is why our products are plastic-free, biodegradable, recyclable and local. you can read more about our products, how to use them and see where they are produced, and what they contain for maximum transparency and information.